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02 September 2018
Mr H MacGibbon, London We enjoyed our stay at Pink Cottage enormously. The location is wonderful, with that beautiful view down to the cove, and just a few paces from the centre of a lovely village. My son and two daughters enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a happy return to a place of which I have so many affectionate memories from my childhood. We'd be very happy to come again.

27 July 2018
Thank you for a wonderful stay in Pink Cottage. We have visited Cadgwith many times now and this is our first time in this cottage. We all loved it, from the wonderful vistas to being on the doorstep of Little Beach. We have not used our car for the whole week. The cottage has wonderful views and I believe it is the best in Cadgwith. Thank you again.

08 October 2017
Jan and Rob Francis, Somerset Another wonderful stay at Pink Cottage (our fifth time). The cottage is so well maintained and managed - a real pleasure to stay there. Many thanks again, and we now look forward to our stay in Cadgwith next August.

19 February 2017
Nic and Linda Fleming, Bristol Another glorious week in Cadgwith. We really enjoyed our stay at Pink Cottage and appreciated how well equipped the kitchen is, with pastry brushes, gravy boats and the like. Mesmeric views at the front of course. We had a big wave show on our first night, and great weather for the rest of the week. Managed to get some hake and crab from one of the guys on the beach - both delicious of course. Two trips to Kynance - best beach in the UK in my opinion. Also, an entertaining evening at the pub on Friday - thanks to all the singers.

11 September 2016
Andrew and Julie Courtis, Cheshire We have stayed many times in many different places and parts of Cornwall, but Pink Cottage, Cadgwith has to be the most magical - our quest for the perfect holiday home and location is over!! We will be back! Thank you for a fantastic holiday.

05 June 2016
The Chalk family, York We have had a fantastic week. Thank you for sharing Pink Cottage. We have been visiting Cadgwith for many years but it is the first time staying here. We visited all our favourite places and basically didn't even leave the Lizard! The cottage is well situated and well equipped. If you ever think of selling, please give us a call!

29 July 2018
Black family, Surrey Pink Cottage has the perfect location and is well equipped. We enjoyed our time there and would definitely look to book another stay, especially as we could see the mackerel coming in from the patio and therefore plan a successful fishing trip down on the Todden! We also bought numerous loaves from the artisan bread stall at St Ruan and loved them.

22 July 2018
Three weeks of glorious sunshine. Swimmers without wet suits and sand on Little Beach. Just like 1976. The new kitchen seems to work well. Hopefully the weather forecast is right and this will continue. P.S. Watch out for the young buzzard eyeing up the sparrows. It sits on Long Loft's roof.

17 June 2017
Sensational stay in Cadgwith Pink Cottage. It ticked all the boxes, especially the terrace looking out to sea. We've had brilliant weather, making it even more supberb. Had a couple of meals in the pub - Helen and Garry tremendous hosts with good seafood. We will be back - a bit smitten. Oh .. and for a taste of good art, visit the Jackson Foundation in St Just to see Kurt's work. P>S> The kitchen looks good, hob and cooker work well.

30 October 2016
Emma, Ellie, Sam, Dave, Grandpa, Westernhanger, Kent Thank you again for such a lovely time. So comfortable; spectacular views; table tennis was great fun - so good when the weather is poor.

21 August 2016
Margaret, Richard and family, Hertfordshire Gorgeous sun, stormy seas, fun times in the cove.....Thank you Pink Cottage for amazing views and a very happy holiday.

27 March 2016
Mr Brinkmann, Germany We had a wonderful time in a wonderful place in a wonderful cottage.